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We are a leading provider and distributor of ENA to clients big and small within Africa, Australia, America and the rest of the world. Our global reach and expertise in the industry gives our clients a premium product at the lowest price. We have unique relationships with distilleries from around the globe ensuring that there is never shortage of your product despite the volatile nature of the product. We're also able to provide you the very best in quality at the cheapest price and delivering it in the shortest transit time


About ENA

ENA or Extra-Neutral Alchohol is the main base ingredient during the production of alcoholic spirits. Whisky, rum, vodka, gin, cane liqueurs and alcoholic fruit beverages and aperitifs are some of the types of alcohol dereived from ENA. ENA can be manufactured from any organic material containing sucrose, which is metabolised into ethanol. These include, rice, millet, barley, wheat and sugar cane (molasses).


Ethanol content 96% v/v and above
Methanol Not Detected
Aldehydes Not Detected
Esters Not Detected
PP Time 42 Mins


Denatured Ethanol

Denatured Ethanol 96% or 99% is made by adding denaturant such as DEP, MEK, Bitrex or as required and allowed as per excise laws to Ethyl Alcohol 96% or 99% (Ethanol) thereby making it unfit for potable use. The denaturant however does not affect the odour of the liquid.

Other Names for ENA: Food Grade Ethanol 96% v/v or Ethanol 96% or Ethyl Alcohol 96% v/v or Potable Ethanol 96% v/v.

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